Here's a list of the Kickstarter projects I have managed...


Build A Cure is a cooperative card game that takes place in a bunker. You have to survive with your team by building chemical compounds to cure the diseases that have infected you all...

Colleen Elizabeth Art: Making Prints & Finishing Studio

Colleen O'Connor is an acrylic painter expanding into a more diverse product line and looking to finish out her studio space.

Ink The Planets - Make 100

Explore our planets through art in these beautiful, limited edition posters.

Ink The earth - Kyra Hinton

Kyra H. created a collection of beautiful images inspired by the space mission Voyager. She experimented with a new medium that she has developed to bring these images to life. The complexity of each image helps us see that the world we live in is truly beautiful.

Ink The States - Kyra Hinton

Kyra H. launched her business with an incredible leap. She took on the challenging task of painting each state within the US, as well as Canada, Mexico and the world map. She showcased the beauty of each state by highlighting the topographical features that make each area unique.


Resurrect the hymns - Samantha Lomasney

Resurrect the Hymns breathes new life into the long-forgotten lyrical beauty of music from a bygone era. Each hymn is represented by a single line that captures the heart of the song handwritten in modern calligraphy-style letters.