We work with artists, makers and small businesses in their growth adventures. We specialize in running Kickstarter campaigns, but can assist with social media marketing, content management and business development.


Our Mission

We exist to help small business owners focus on the fun aspects of their work. We know that running a small business can be incredibly hectic, and to be honest, confusing at times. With all of the noise in a social media driven world, it is easy to get lost. We are here to help you get down to the heart of your business, and stay there. 


  • Kickstarter 
    • Assistance
    • Marketing
    • Partnerships
  • Application Development
    • Build custom applications
    • Build small utilities/tools
  • Business Development
    • Business Analytics
    • Process Analytics
    • Project Creation/Execution
  • Distributor/Manufacturer Assistance
  • Logistics Assistance 

Paul was absolutely critical in the success of my Kickstarter campaign. From his insight towards good marketing ideas, to his consistent and quality advertising, to running all of the background data, to keeping my spirits up and keeping me focused on the goal at hand. I can’t imagine how anyone could, or would want to, run a project without this kind of individualized assistance from someone who genuinely cares about your vision. I can chalk up almost the entire success of my campaign to Paul, and I couldn’t more highly suggest him.
— Kyra Hinton, Washed In Watercolors

  • Within 1 year of starting her business, Kyra Hinton has now made over $50,000 in sales, and has distributed her artwork around the world.
  • Ink The States campaign raised over $12,000 during the one week campaign, And an additional $4,100 during the post-campaign survey.
  • Ink The Earth campaign raised over $17,000, and was featured as the "Project of the Day" on the Kickstarter main page. 
  • Colleen's Kickstarter, Ink the States and Ink The Earth received the special marks of "Projects We Love" from the Kickstarter family. 
  • Developed applications to assist with automating tasks.
  • Utilized social media advertising to reach twice as many project video views during Ink The Earth, compared to Ink The States.